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We are Cattivo Ragazzo. We are restless souls driven by our primal desires, gravitating towards a lifestyle that appeals to all who are elusive and defiant. Risk-takers and edgy disruptors who break the rules—all the while laughing in the face of convention. By day we are assertive, confident, demanding men of distinction and when the day is done and the battle is won, we engage the night, following it to where it leads. Cattivo Ragazzo is for the bravest of the bold.


The Minichiello legacy is one of innovation, history, and legendary star power. Originating from Civitanova del Sanni in Italy, founder Paul Minichiello opened his shop in 1964 in the shadow of The Lions, the noblest of the North Shore mountains at the edge of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The 1970s were a blur of creating for celebrities, sports stars, and millionaires. Cattivo Ragazzo is the legacy of Paul’s craftsmanship, quality, self-assurance, and success. Dino Minichiello represents the current generation and perpetuates a legacy which delivers a truly bespoke solution to the successful self-made man.



Enter the world of Cattivo Ragazzo with a choice of the first tier finery that begins with a pre-existing pattern. A beautiful selection of fabrics awaits your decision and creates the base to which to add your choice of Bemberg or Emerzine lining, printed with a range of themes. The Capo is hand-finished with hand-tucked lapels.

Capo Bastone

Chose the second tier of Cattivo Ragazzo finery which begins with a pre-existing pattern and encompasses all the stylish trim of the Capo with an expanded selection of speciality fabrics. Choose from a selection of limited edition Bemberg or Emerzine lining themes by established artists. Finished by hand and allowing additional manipulation to encompass a more personalized design and embellishment selection.

Capo Famiglia

Join the Cattivo Ragazzo family at the highest level with the finest suit imaginable made by hand by our Master Tailors in Italy. Enjoy the services of a personal stylist who will guide the process from concept to completion. Choose from the speciality fabrics of our extensive luxury collections and the exquisite custom designed silk-linings with unique themes by established artists. Explore the selection of VIP embellishments and then decide on which exclusive buttons to add.


Bespoke suiting is a traditional experience and while the Minichiello family has been delivering this for decades, Cattivo Ragazzo is serving it with a twist. Offering sophisticated and modern men’s wear that blends elements of high-end fashion with an edgy urban aesthetic, the Vancouver atelier is creating a movement that speaks to a new generation of driven, self-made men who desire to make bold and edgy lifestyle statements with both their lives and actions.

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